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On Repeat: SZA “CTRL”

We start off with words of advice from her mother about not losing control of her life. A issue that seems to resonate well with most 20-something year old women of today. Learning how to take the vast situations life throws at you and being able to apply it to yourself without losing control at the same time. “CTRL” skips the friendly introduction most debut albums give and dives right into a diary SZA has left unlocked under her pillow. The reason for this quick openness may be because she’s introduced herself to the underground music scene collecting a...

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Respect Life with Boom P

Never has an online web series garnered so many views, in Just 2 seasons Respect Life has had over 20 million views. Seems like urban web shows on YouTube is the new wave. With “Money and Violence” being the first urban web series to kick off the popularity of internet drama since the “WIRE” With only one camera, one microphone a great idea & a self-written script. “RESPECT LIFE” was born. Respect Life had caught wind on the strength of rave reviews pinned on discussion boards and Reddit links all over the internet. Also, the fact that the Show’s...

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  Known for their exclusive collaborations with high-end designers, such as; Balmain, Kenzo, Madison Martin Margiela, Versace, Çomme Des Garçons and Lavin. Every Year the line outside of most H&M locations wraps around corners to shop the latest collection, and for the release of Erdem it shouldn’t be any different. The collection will feature reinterpretations of his floral print heavy and vibrant textile focused clothing lines. this will also be collection designer, Erdem Moralioglu’s, first time creating a Menswear edit for the H&M release as he has only catered his designs toward women. Director Baz Luhrmann, who famously creates...

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They’re the “millennipreneurs,” as a new survey puts it, according to the 2017 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, adults at just 20 to 35 years old, are starting more companies, managing bigger staffs, and targeting higher profits than their baby boomer predecessors. Which is pretty for a generation that has been labeled as “The Entitled Age”. Millennials are identified as those born from 1981-2001, so typically the age range is from age 15 to age 36. They’ve been blamed for a host of problems, such as; feeling way too entitled and obsessed with social media. however, they are also...

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Supreme Klientele Tv

Reaching The Streets

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