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Below you will find SK’s exclusive interviews with individuals of all artistic backgrounds. From graffiti to Rap & R&B; artist, poets to musicians and everything else in between…We bring you up close and personal building sessions with todays present and future artistic innovators.

Calling all musicians of every genre, web developers/designers, graphic artists, street artists, athletes, apparel designers, community leaders, culinary professionals, photographers, media groups, cosmetology professionals, models etc. We want you to be see! If you are interested in being featured on our page feel free to shout us out in an email and share a small detailed story about your business journey and we will be more than pleased to expose and share a story of your greatest work. We will supremely build a page that caters to your dopeness! We learn, we teach, we grind…

Party At The Met Gala

The First Monday in May, while some only recognize it as a day closer to the summer season the Fashion world recognizes it as one

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Donald Trump maintains his second-place position in the running presidency treading just behind Jeb Bush even after his discriminatory statements against immigrants. Last week Trump

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