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Supreme Klientele believes in the good vibes of all genres of music.  Music is an expression of our artistic creativity through song.  Poetically we place power of words and tone over tight beats and melodies.  Supreme Klientele will harness those songs and sounds to bring you the latest flavors that are blowing up the national and international billboards.  Supreme Klientele has even taken it a step further just for your enjoyment.  Check out our Supreme Bangers and vibe to the carefully selected sounds of many artists in mainstream and underground (unplugged) platforms.  We will keep new, hot music in a daily selected rotation and you won’t be disappointed at what we discover in the music industry.  This is our music so let’s play it in a Supreme fashion.

What is music without a video to follow? It’s poetry.  But we on the Supreme Klientele page believe we can go above and beyond for you the subscriber.  We have included a great selection of videos for your enjoyment and viewing.  We know that videos and music are at your finger tips with every social media platform, but here we will choose the sounds and sights that you may or may not have seen that will expose you to the artist that are out there grinding to make their career larger than life.  Music is our expression and the canvas is our videos.  Feel free to send us suggestions of artists through our inquiry and email page.  We want to hear from you because we are here to serve you the Supreme way.



"SUICIDE GATE" 1ShotDot Ft. HarleyQuinn

Supreme Klientele "Kush God Smoke Dza Party & Bullshit Recap"

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