Never has an online web series garnered so many views, in Just 2 seasons Respect Life has had over 20 million views. Seems like urban web shows on YouTube is the new wave. With “Money and Violence” being the first urban web series to kick off the popularity of internet drama since the “WIRE”

With only one camera, one microphone a great idea & a self-written script. “RESPECT LIFE” was born.

Respect Life had caught wind on the strength of rave reviews pinned on discussion boards and Reddit links all over the internet. Also, the fact that the Show’s Creator, Writer and Protagonist of the series is Brooklyn’s own Boom P.

If Boom P’s name rings bells it’s probably because you recognized him from slaying rap ciphers in nyc & dropping consecutive fire ass mix tapes, yes the Brother Melo Has BARZ!! some referred to him as a “BROOKLYN” Nas. Being born & raised in Bedstuy Brooklyn, with a Panamanian Heritage Boom P, AKA “MELO”, started off as an independent rapper who gained major buzz through his Lyrical wizardry on early “SMACK” DvD’s. After years of being Brooklyn’s best kept secret as an underground artist Boom P maintained his love for the art of story telling but made a transition from the mic to the video camera. He bought his first camera, a Canon T3i and started shooting music videos for several local artists throughout the New York area, and he quickly became a force to be reckoned with, not only in front of the lens but behind it as well.

The Respect Life series has masterfully captured the true essence of Brooklyn. We follow the street life of the lead character Melo, played by Boom P himself. We get a true-to-life street tale that involves; drug deals gone awry, betrayal, neighborhood & gang beefs & the plain mis guidance amongst us as black people. Not Keeping us waiting long after two very successful seasons. MELO & the rest of the cast of the best web series since the wire, is back for another installment of their authentically written raw charismatic point of vision that has risen over time to become a true favorite amongst the people. The highly-anticipated fan favorite picks up right where things left off, and the drama continues to become more unpredictable.

Season 3’s first episode set a turning point for the growing franchise that quickly solidified their reach. Most of all, fans everywhere are looking forward to see what will take place next; there are so many questions to be answered & I’m almost certain they won’t disappoint.

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