Donald Trump maintains his second-place position in the running presidency treading just behind Jeb Bush even after his discriminatory statements against immigrants.

Last week Trump was dropped by both NBC and Univision who are refusing to air the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant he partial owns after Trump’s statements that “rapists” and “killers” are illegally coming into the country through southern boarders.
On Wednesday during a phone interview with CNN’S Don Lemon, Trump made no attempt to retract his discriminatory remarks instead he went on to say “you know what they cut ties because they’re weak”!as he referred to NBC and Univision. He continued  saying he’s not specifically referring to Mexico but all illegal immigration “it has to be stopped down in this country”. As he continued shoving his foot in his mouth he made certain to mention “By the way they come from the Middle East, we don’t even know where they come from”.  Trump stated he obtained his statistical facts from “fusion” which is owned by Univision. Donald reported “all you have to do is pick up the stories and it’s unbelievable what’s going on so all I’m doing is telling the truth”. Don Lemon pointed out that those stories trump is referring to are actually about women coming in who are being raped and not about criminals coming across the boarder and in response Donald’s asks “well who’s doing the raping?” Insinuating immigrants are the ones doing the raping. Lemon also pointed out that Macy’s has also cut ties with Trump and have removed trumps merchandise from their stores, Trumps reaction was of indifference stating “they folded under pressure, you know it’s not a big business for me it’s very small ties and stuff, they folded under pressure”.
Despite all of the recent incidents Donald continues hold the 2nd spot among GOP presidential candidates while Jeb Bush holds 1st place as was reported by CNN. Trump reported “I don’t understand why he’s in first place,” he continued “maybe it’s the Bush name. Last thing we need is another Bush but, I will tell you I’m a little surprised he’s in the position he’s in.”
No, Mr. Trump the last thing we need is an inexperienced, overzealous money hungry business man who thinks he’s the king of the world and has no consideration or respect for anyone not within his income bracket. So, If I have to choose the best of the worst Jeb is definite my choice.
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